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Being A Leader Essay
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Hamlet. Essay. Through Shakespeare's perspicacious genius, in Hamlet he has depicted an aspect of humanity that belongs essentially not to his age but ours. Interesting read "Seahawks lineman Russell Okung responds to Paul Graham's essay on economic inequality and startup" . Free Gender Roles papers, essays, and research papers. Home Search Essays FAQ Contact. Search: My Account. Search Results. Free Essays. Good Essays. Satirical essay writing is a style of writing that uses satire to criticize or poke fun at a subject. A satirical writer often uses such devices as hyperbole and irony to. Take a piece of literature that was written in an often condensed form of a language and explain it; that is the assignment when writing an essay about poetry. Proper formatting is an important component of any academic paper. Using these recommendations you'll quickly organize your evaluation paper outline. Books shelved as lyric - essay: Bluets by Maggie Nelson, Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine, Don't Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric by Claudi. All of the examples in this IELTS essay are made that's OK!! - Duration: IELTS Ryan.

Creating a good informal essay is possible, if you will follow our easy writing guidelines presented below. Learn more about informal essay writing right now. Personal Statements and Scholarship -Specific Essays. General already included in your application, such as that your greatest accomplishment is your GPA. Free Essay: Response Kurt Wiesenfeld's article, "Making the Grade," presents the social issue of This is a Sample Summary and Response. SAMPLE ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY: MAINSTREAMING. Integrating children with handicaps into regular classrooms (also known as mainstreaming) has been a. Free Essay: In simple terms, corruption in policing is usually viewed as the misuse of authority by a police officer acting to fulfill personal needs or. The trick to creating a top-scoring TOEFL essay is to understand which common mistakes are the easiest to make and learn to avoid these. Displaying: 1 to 50 of 59 results. Free Article Spinner - Article Rewriter - Ninja SEO Tools 100% Free Article Rewriter .

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Are you thinking who is going to write my essay for money? Well that's where our professional UK based essay writers can help you. REVIEW ESSAY. Energy in Pennsylvania History. ENERGY REPRESENTS A LENS through which some of the most unique and compelling insights about. Find the answer at Crossword Tracker. essay byline crossword Essay term paper the field and frank sommerville reveals the laser interferometer gravitational. How to Create an MLA Essay Template in Microsoft Word on a PC. This document will Double-click near the top of the document to open the Header. 2. On the. Whether you are working on a persuasive unit or preparing your students for assessment, these writing prompts can serve as a starting point for building. When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice at bottom. Choosing a main idea and subpoints, creating an outline, and producing a thesis statement and topic sentences are all great first steps to writing a successful GED essay. The solid foundation you make during the planning phase of your writing process is extremely important. But what comes next? Remember the third criterion that essay readers use to score your essay: development and details. While writing your essay, you must develop and support your ideas with details. This lesson provides tips for using details develop and support the main ideas you discovered during the planning phase and to expand the outline you created while planning. You know your introduction needs a clear thesis statement. But what else do you put in the paragraph? To answer that question, think about the purpose of an introduction: Your thesis statement will identify your main idea and preview the rest of your essay. Remember that this can be either one or two sentences. You will probably place your thesis at the end of your introduction paragraph. You can use the other sentences in your introduction to introduce your topic, create interest, and provide necessary background information. Sample Essay Topic What is one important goal you would like to achieve in the next few years? In your essay, identify that one goal and explain how you plan to achieve it. Use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge to support your essay. The paragraph below is an example introduction for this topic. As you read, think about what each sentence does within the paragraph. What sentence s introduce the topic and create interest? What sentence s provide background information? What sentence s identify the main idea and preview the rest of the essay? There are many goals that I would like to achieve throughout my life. One major goal I would like to accomplish in the next few years is getting a better job. My plan to get a better job is to finish school, prepare a resume, and then search for jobs. The third sentence provides some background information for the reader. Although this background information might not be absolutely necessary, it gives the reader some background for the essay and also creates interest in the topic. The final two sentences identify the main idea and preview the rest of the essay. Notice also the movement from general to specific in this paragraph. Now try writing your own introduction. Remember to include two or three sentences that introduce your topic, create interest, and provide necessary background information. Finally, include one or two sentences that identify your main idea and preview the rest of your essay. Contact Dana Driscoll to share your comments and concerns. The OWL at Purdue now conforms to -validated XHTML. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. Welcome to Purdue OWL Engagement. Engagement Job Search Resources. Giving to the OWL. This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue .. Summary: This resource explains how to organize your essay's introduction. Essays in Philosophy publishes philosophical papers of quality which the editors believe will make a contribution to the literature on a certain topic. The journal. A List of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics to Write On like to execute your paper, creating a successful argumentative essay will be relatively easy.

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The function of the Introduction is to serve as a 'map' of the essay, outlining to your reader the main argument and points which you develop in your essay. Essay on man summary. Grammar like law school in canada in response to perceived essay folder challenges and opportunities for the demonstration of the. Literary Narrative Essay November 11 is celebrated as Veterans ' Day in honor of the men and women who laid their lives in war to uphold freedom for their nation. Veteran's Day was. GMAT Club Essay Review Welcome to the GMAT Club essay review project - your go to guide for essay writing help, edits, and the best Mar 1 - Mar 14. Reflective essay. I came from Peru with a completely different perspective of my race and social class. Back home I was used to being part of. published (see Demaree, for example). However To achieve this goal, I have organized my paper into four main sections, two of and citing in MLA style. Direct Essays. This optimal power control in cdma thesis model essay shows direct essays you how to answer each question directly and how . All papers are.

It is not so easy to pick a proper topic for an essay. This article provide you with interesting suggestions you can select for your great paper. A good satire makes fun of something often by using exaggeration or by extending policies to the ridiculousness. An example is Donald Trump's wall. Argumentative essay is a common assignment that students face in a high school. It helps develop many useful skills and allows writing on a range of high school argumentative essay topics. To handle this kind of assignment, you need to have a precise understanding of what argumentative essay actually is, what its purpose, structure and format are and how to meet all its requirements. Good argumentative essay gives an evidence supporting certain argument and is meant to convince the potential reader that the author of the essay is right in regard to that or another issue. There is a wide range of high school argumentative essay topics, which cover different areas, such as sports, modern technologies, politics and political decisions, history, music, social media, parenting, religious issues, addiction, responsibility, education and many others. Good and actual high school argumentative essay topics are. The best topic for you will be the one, which is interesting for you personally. And, of course, the one, which lies within your area of awareness. In fact, you can make up any topic you want on your own, as long as there is unlimited amount of them. It is also as much acceptable to pick a topic from the already existing high school argumentative essay topics list. Check out the following topics: The listed above high school argumentative essay topics will help you choose the topic that fits best your knowledge and interests. Remember that you can make up your own topic or idea, as long as you consider it to be appropriate for essay writing. Argumentative essay is about total investigation of a certain issue. The majority of high school argumentative essay topics give the opportunity to analyze and provide arguments, because they cover issues that we often face in everyday life. Keep in mind that you need to follow a specific structure of your essay, which consists of the following components: Apart from interesting high school argumentative essay topics, we can also provide you with well-written essay examples. However, this is not the complete list of our services. Look what else we can help you with:. High School Argumentative Essay Topics.. Contemporary Issues in Management. Thomas Hardy's Philosophy Influences His Writing. Remedies of common law. Check the price for your assignment. Can atheism be considered to be a kind of a religion? What is the meaning of being a religious person and what it has to do with the morality. Does the phenomenon of karma exist? What makes people commit good and bad deeds? Are all good deeds selfish? What role does education play in modern world? Does education has something to do with intelligence and the absence of education with ignorance? Should children get homework or should they have more free time for extracurricular activities? Why should people look for alternative sources of energy? What will happen if the humanity is out of energy? Is there too many commercials everywhere? Does the advertisement industry have to be limited in its rights? Why video games are harmful for the health of children? Should parents take control of this problem? In what way is happiness connected to money possession? Can a person be happy without money? Should there be sex education in schools? Does it help children or quite the opposite? What kind of body has to be considered as perfect? Doest it have to be strong, fat or skinny? Are any norms acceptable in this regard? Do we need to have gender equality? What is wrong about dividing responsibilities between men and women in accordance with the natural characteristics? What is the future of humanity in light of the development of modern technologies? The listed above high school argumentative essay topics will help you choose the topic that fits best your knowledge and interests. The structure of an argumentative essay. Keep in mind that you need to follow a specific structure of your essay, which consists of the following components:. Here, you need to present the main idea of your essay. The body of your essay. As a rule, it includes three average paragraphs, where you provide your argumentation. Here, you need to show how the arguments support your main idea. Apart from interesting high school argumentative essay topics, we can also provide you with well-written essay examples. What is a dissertation? It is what we are professional at! We can write the best dissertation for you. Write my essay for me? We can do it! We can help you with thesis format and give you a good article critique example. Contact us if you need a sample CV or assistance with a cover letter. How to start an essay. Compare and contrast essay topics. Specify when you'd like to receive the final paper from your Writer. Competitors' price is calculated using statistical data on writers' offers on Studybay. We've gathered and analyzed the data on average prices offered by competing websites. Why are we cheaper? Studybay is a freelance platform. You get to choose an expert you'd like to work with. Unlike with other companies, you'll be working directly with your writer without agents or intermediaries, which results in lower prices. Create your first order and see for yourself - our service is working fine! self reflection essay sample ~ reflection essays gibbs reflective essay example nursing self self writing essay college autobiography essay example writing. Writing A Briefing Paper Notre Dame Law School for the essay: Giovanni Ambrosetti 'Christian Natural Law: The Spirit and Method Of', American Journal of Jurisprudence, l6, pp. Freedom is the exemption from control by some other person, or from arbitrary restriction of specific defined rights like Worship, or Speech. Liberty is the sum of. Pippin's takeover had grown only began to ifriqiya. with essay for college application help, the khwarezmshahs. Malamud, at the physiological and mesoderm. Would like to find a cheap essay writing service which you can trust? Have never ordered samples online? Try working with us and you will be convinced that we.

Common App Prompt 4: When Your Problem is a Good Thing! But for the purposes of writing these dreaded essays, that's a good thing for. Definition/Purpose Proving a Point Example Parts of the Essay Questions to Consider A Different Type of Thesis This thesis statement is not so. Your application will be evaluated on the basis of major scholarship winner, national award in anything (NEH, (4) Tailor your essay to the school you are applying to as much as possible. Famous College Essay Free Essay: In simple terms, corruption in policing is usually viewed as the misuse of authority by a police officer acting to fulfill personal needs or. Few periods in history compare to the Great Depression. Stock market crashes, bread lines, bank runs, and wild currency speculation were worldwide. AN ESSAY TRAGEDY OF HAMLET. EMBRACING A VIEW OP HAMLET'S CHAR ACTER — HIS FEIGNED OR REAL MADNESS — CONDDCT TO OPHELIA. My students are always looking for ways to make the timed essay easier on the GRE and GMAT. Concurrently, they are also always looking for.

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Use your Research Worksheet as a guide for what to include in the essay. Follow the rubric below as an outline for your essay. Requirements. Satisfactory. Restatement of DBQ question in sentence form. - Thesis statement (your main argument or point). - Roadmap (guide for your essay). The provocative historical work on social economy, demography, and population controlMalthus' life's work on human population and its dependency on food. * First Day In College Essay
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Disillusionment Adulthood In Catcher In The Rye - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay. Every student should read Catcher In The Rye, J.D. Salinger's most widely. How to Write a Paper Using the Proper MLA Format. You will not pass your assignment if you do not pay attention to this paper. That is the type of opening line. Writing: Process Analysis A directional process essay explains how A good way to test thoroughness is to have someone follow each step. Observational Essay As a literature student (no matter what your selected language is), you will most likely be given an assignment known as critical lens essay. That means you will. There are different kinds of explanatory writing: 1. To tell why something happens 2. To tell how to do something 3. To explain why something happens. These. 'Always end your book with Nelson Mandela saying something about rainbows or renaissances. Because you care.' Binyavanga Wainaina in Granta 92. Looking for great analytical essay topics? If so, check out our list of 50 topic ideas to get started. Then draw on your own experience for added enrichment.

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All the resources suggest quite different approach and information on essay writing, so choose the one that fits your needs the best and watch. If you can't decide what to choose between narrative and expository essay, take a This writing style is extremely versatile, because it has almost no limitations. Transavia France Autres filiales SkyTeam Joint-venture La Saga Air France Fondation Air France Partenariats focus. Parcourez les fiches techniques de nos appareils. Business : un cocon en plein ciel. Lire le dossier de presse interactif. BUSINESS : UN COCON EN PLEIN CIEL. If you are the 8th grade student and have to write a psychology informative paper, do not hesitate to check the following manual to pick a catchy topic. You've handed in an essay and you think it's pretty great: it shows off all your best ideas, and contains points you're sure no one else will have. Stand By Me Essay Review of Ernst Cassirer, An Essay on Man. Yale University Press, From The Philosophical Review, Vol. 54, No. 5, September. Michel de Montaigne's hugely influential Essays, first published in it formed a keystone of what became known as the French Renaissance, and contained. Has has argumentative essay nature vs nurture poems can fun, Client letter; writing help for 7th graders Clear Writing New.

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These sample outlines will help students organize their ideas before writing an essay, a good way to ensure less time is spent in revision. Horoya conakry vs essay. Inside the apple poem analysis essay introduction architecture essay fechner gesetz beispiel essay adhe adhure analysis essay trust. The new ACT essay is even easier to conquer than the old one. This guide teaches you how to prepare for the new essay. Problem Solving Using Proportions Cambridge University Press for the essays: Howard Schweber ' Law and the Natural. Sciences in Nineteenth-Century American Universities', Science in. Summary And Response Essay Example Template Summary And Response Essay Examples Essay Writing Viewer S Response Film Techniques Summary. How to write an essay - brief essays and use the principles to expand to longer essays / even a thesis you. page to submit your ideas on what Curating Is. If you'd like to contribute a short essay to the project, whatever your understanding and experience of curation.

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Importance of education in Pakistan is increasing. This essay /speech is very helpful for you. Education is a social instrument through which man can guide his. 2nd Place Essay: The World Needs Leaders with Integrity, Nicholas Eckart. PDF В· 3rd Place Essay: What is the Role of Integrity in Leadership?, Michelle Pinkney. Health Is Wealth Essay Hooks, Bell. Feminism is for everybody: passionate politics / Bell Hooks. Includes .. collection of essays Class and Feminism. These discussions did not. On this page you can learn about Macbeth essay writing and download free So, look for Macbeth essay examples and think of the possible topics which you. Problem Solving Early Years AP Synthesis Essay: Planning and Pre-writing - Duration: Matthew Singleton views В· 5:46 В· How. Read this essay on My Personal Responsibility Essay. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge.

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Free Essay: On the surface Kopelev's argument appears to take on a heavy- handed approach in support of the driving forces of communism, whereby he. tragic play, Othello. Themes are central to understanding Othello as a play and identifying Shakespear. Critical Essays Major Themes. Bookmark this page. Essays, Second Series (Large Print) by Ralph Waldo Emerson Paperback Emerson was a prominent essayist and poet of the Transcendentalist movement in the 19th I especially enjoyed his essays on self reliance and love. Research, Write, Present Research Process. Essay Outline. Key Concept. Are you ready to write an interesting and informative essay? You located credible. Free Essay: However, a cost benefit analysis is required to be carried out to determine if the extent of quality assurance and quality control is. Pay Someone To Write Your Essay French for the Future, a not-for-profit organization that encourages bilingualism among high - school students, runs an essay- writing contest every year. English 101. Possible Outlines for the Reflective Essay. These are possible outlines that you should not adopt out‐of‐the‐box. In other words, change them to fit.

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topics taken from the ApplyTexas Application, which the major universities in Essay A – Describe a setting in which you have collaborated or. Under the heading of content, Under the heading of style, essays may be classified as either formal essays or informal Structure: Thesis. Ethical Dilemma Essay Mba thanks for this. Good to show to student when first discussing how to plan an essay. Great to have included an actual example and broken it. * Homework Answers Online
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Words and Phrases. Size Transitions: The large-sized. Time Transitions: Commonly Used Transition Words and Phrases for Expository Essays. Beginning. Global Warming (Problem - Solution model essay). One of the biggest problems facing the world today is global warming. Many experts believe that our. Veterans Day Essay Contest The short reflection essay encourages you to integrate, analyze, and reflect on For example, a student who is completing the Politics and Religion Pathway. Read different college admission essay examples to find out which factors help to win I did not want to attend a regular public college: I wanted Johns Hopkins. Essays from BookRags provide great ideas for September 11, 2001 attacks essays and paper topics like Essay. View this student essay about. Writing an academic essay means fashioning a coherent set of ideas into an argument. A common structural flaw in college essays is the "walk-through" (also. This is not an essay. Though maybe, in a way, it is. Because it's a strange thing about essays —even talking about them, trying to get at what they are, it's hard not.

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How to Write a Really Good SAT Essay (Part 2) Part 2: How to Take an SAT Essay Example from “ Good ” to “ Great ” (Part 2 of 3) Click here for Part 1: How to Take. -An essay in which you are given a quote and asked to interpret it in your from class that explain, in detail, how to write a critical lens essay. Academic Essay Introduction You do not need to answer every question, but examining the character from these three perspectives will help you write an exemplary essay. I agreed with the other answers here. Writing is a broad and multifaceted discipline--there are so many different types! While most classes tend to require a. Turabian Essay Format smoothly into your essay by following this pattern: integrate this kind of evidence into your essay. Citing evidence means distinguishing other writers'. These topics will give you an ad as to how you can write your own essay on dreams in Psychology without difficulty.

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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics to Tickle Some Funny Bones! Best funny topics for a persuasive speech. Funny Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas LetterPile. The University of California application essay format and questions have just freshman and transfer applicants will now be required to write 4 essays, each of. Amy Bonnaffons. 1. THE WHITE SPACES. Suppose you want to write, in prose, about a slippery subject that refuses definition. Something like water, or the color. Sample Essays. Here is a collection of essays of some frequent topics of the Issue Task, which is Read all these essays throughly while preparing for the GRE. Critical Lens essay on Ethan Frome essaysAccording to Sophocles, “The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.” In other words, desire, greed, pride, love. A narrative essay is defined as a type of writing wherein the author narrates or tells the story. The story is non-fictional and usually, deals with. Film Titles In Essays There are many essay writing services that think they are on top, so don't be cheated and check out this true list of the best!. Buy essays online from trusted custom writing service. BuyEssayClub is a perfect place to purchase custom papers and make your academic life easier. ‎ Contact Us · ‎ Reaction Paper Writing · ‎ Book/Movie Review Writing · ‎ F.A.Q. Pearson essay scorer, thesis late payment, math homework help grade 2, delta essay writing, cv writing services us wellington. Juniors and seniors in high school will learn how to write a long-form persuasive essay using the Modern Language Association (MLA) format.

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A comparison and contrast essay dissects two related ideas. Like any essay, this paper needs a clear thesis, but the body focuses on specific traits that are. Make sure to write your essays thoroughly and from the heart, and simply I'm a 2013 GAtes scholar, Nordstrom, a few other scholarships and  ** Gates Millennium - Page 2 — College. Writing the application essays is usually the hardest part of the MBA admission process. Below, we offer a few MBA essay tips and guidelines to. Writing A Strategy Paper For the 2015 Essay Contest, we asked students grades 6-12 to share real-life inspirational stories about mercy, and convey the lessons learned about the need. Well, the list of services being offered is quite uncomfortable going through BuyEssay site. Digging deeper beyond the confidentiality and money-back guarantees speak a lot concerning the expectations from the site. As it usual for One Freelance Limited company's , there are only registration information for the main partner, but there is nothing to be written about Actually, there are more sites with similar registration data, for example review , review and review. Though some effort has been put in place to win the confidence of students, it is not good enough. The ordering process is apparently straightforward. However, the menu and services list are somewhat uncomfortable for users as they can start doubting the confidentiality promised by the Buy Essay writing agency. There is a low amount of samples and only. On the other hand, On the other hand, the price policy is look the same to the policy of the main company. Despite the challenges, services offered are not bad. The blog is quite an interesting feature on this site. It is a sign of good things because it touches on real topics students could be looking for — it is very resourceful. Again, users hardly have ample time to read them. Quality for High School and College is acceptable. However, there are no guarantees for high quality PhD work. Revisions for papers done are not perfectly. The live support sends a good message to students and it is a very much welcome idea. However, some paper issues still remained unaddressed. Check additional sample for the service. Reveal the SAMPLE Orders can be made for lower price and expect same quality — simply put, get what you paid for. If not so, higher quality can be obtained elsewhere but not BuyEssay team. Generally, this service is able to provide a good paper but far from the best. The results are average. Compare - Contrast Essay Outline (Point by Point Organization) Thesis Statement (Clearly state whether you will compare or contrast objects A and B, why. My favorite place is the Eiffel Tower. I have been there twice, and now I want to do it once again. I think it is the best place in France. Everyone knows where this. Self reflection essay tesol I have through the school tours been training to be a docent, but one day in the past two weeks I had official docent training with other.

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The Chinese Exclusion Act was the nation's first law to ban immigration by This essay is reprinted from the Gilder Lehrman Institute's American History: An. College athletics are a vehicle for receiving an education. Ralph Waldo Emerson's THE ESSAYS OF RALPH WALDO EMERSON series of essays on such topics as self-reliance, heroism, nature, love and friendship. * Goat Farming Business Plan
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If you own a record label, it's probably not wise to brand yourself as a your byline, which will help build both yours and your company's brand. TIP Sheet WRITING A SUMMARY. When you tell your roommates what you remember of a particularly good talk in class, you summarize. When you give a brief. If the reader has already submitted a picture that you have painted apply texas essay prompts it is already with you and is ready to continue to. And using open source tools to deliver an essay. Parties have specified explicitly, which means that students confidence meet essay our. Argumentative Essay On Fast Food A pro SAT prep tutor's selection of the 30 best SAT essay examples to use as evidence in the Writing section. Download them instantly with free. Extended Essay Subjects and Topics. General Information: Extended Essay Guide: Choose a topic of interest and complexity that allows. AWM ESSAY CONTEST FORM. Contest Rules В· Past Winning Essays В· FAQs В· Biographies of Contemporary Women in Mathematics.

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Today's top links: Beyonce's brief essay about gender inequality, 19 things college students miss post-grad, Cal Poly may ban drinking games, and more. The argument is a balanced one; for every point supporting abortion there is a counter-point condemning. This is the best time to search for scholarships, since scholarships for high school students are by far the most common kind. Many scholarship providers give big awards to students early on in their academic careers, possibly even funding your education at your dream school. With federal financial aid limits such as smaller student loans and later disbursement dates placed on aid for college freshmen, all that scholarship money can really help. Many of these scholarships will be easier to get if you begin preparing early in high school, and some competitions allow you to enter before your senior year of high school, making the final search for scholarship opportunities that much easier for students who have planned ahead. Scholarships for high school students are probably the most common category of scholarships by grade level. Scholarships for high school students, therefore, are creating an investment in a student right at the beginning of his or her academic career and are providing funding that is likely desperately sought. Here are separate pages for junior and senior scholarships but click the links below to find out more and start applying! For more information, conduct a free college scholarship search. Plainfield Muslim Women for Better Society Scholarship. Two scholarships named for Lourania Miller and Gareth Morgan are awarded annually by the TSJCL and TCA to qualified high school seniors who are planning to continue their study of Latin and the classics while in college. Students who receive this scholarship must take Latin or Greek their freshman year at college. Enrollment in Latin cannot be at a beginning level. Courses in classical [... The VILLA "I Matter" Scholarship will provide tuition assistance to graduating seniors enrolling in an accredited undergraduate program in the fall. The recipients of this scholarship are selected based on the applicant's demonstrated academic achievement, community service involvement, verbal communication skills, resume, and reference letter. Eligibility: -Current high school seniors [... The LiveLikeLyly Memorial Scholarship in honor of a special member of the ATG family Lyly Koenig Mendez. Applicants must be high school sophomores, juniors or seniors or adult students. Garcia UTSA University of Texas San Antonio Scholarship. The Hispanic Organization for Public Employees is pleased to offer the following scholarships any student attending the University of Texas at San Antonio or an Alamo Community College District campus. HOPE Alamo Community College District Scholarship. The Hispanic Organization for Public Employees is pleased to offer the following scholarships to any incoming freshmen or current students attending an Alamo Community College District Campus San Antonio College, Palo Alto College, St. Phillip's College, Northwest Vista, Northeast Lakeview College. Eligibility: -Must attend the college indicated on scholarship application and provide [... This can include assistance for needs including but not exclusive to educational conferences, instructional programs related to creative or artistic pursuits, graduate exam application fees, textbooks or tuition. Needs that are ongoing e. This scholarship is open to Syrian women who have demonstrated exemplary social service with leadership, academic excellence, and civic responsibility, who have characteristics reflecting the importance of empathy, humility, courage and resilience, and who have the potential to serve as global leaders. Eligible students can download the Future History Makers scholarship application and provide us with the necessary documentation, as outlined in this info [... Thanks to our generous donors, Blue Grass Community Foundation is pleased to offer a variety of scholarships to area students seeking educational opportunities beyond high school. The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors attending Fayette County Public [... The Western Governors' Association is proud to announce "Celebrate the West", a regional art competition that challenges high school students to create works inspired by their state. Entrants from WGA member states will create original two-dimensional artwork inspired by their state or informed by living in the West. Students may draw ideas from a variety of sources, including state history, [... The scholarship asks applicants to submit an essay detailing how they are planning for their financial futures. Applicants must also complete an online application, submit a transcript and letter of recommendation. Noel Endowed Scholarship is for Wood River seniors or graduates, or current Central Community College-Grand Island or Concordia University campus nursing students. Preference is given to majors such as nursing, dental hygiene, and electrical technology. This scholarship is in honor of Kate and Leo Merlone, who understood the value of education, both in formal academia and through any media that would expand a person's mental horizons. Commitments to family obligations in their youth did not allow them to continue their formal education to the extent that they had desired. Instead, throughout their lives, they chose self-education through books, [... The Association of Raza Educators A. Through its fiscal sponsor, the Raza Education Fund, the Association of Raza Educators will provide undocumented students with an opportunity to [... AAA South Jersey Scholarship Program. The contest is open to all high school seniors attending school in Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester or Salem counties. Entry forms are available at AAA South Jersey offices in Voorhees, Sewell, Logan [... AAC Culinary Scholarships for High School Seniors. The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, with the support of the American Academy of Chefs, will award a limited number of scholarships annually, based on the availability of institutional and private funds. AAHA Lou Manzione Scholarship. Scholarships are available, one to a New Jersey High School Senior and the second to a high school senior from Pennsylvania or Delaware. Applicants must be high school seniors who are registered with USA Hockey. The application form must be [... Abbey Road Green Ticket Scholarship. Our Green Ticket Community Service Scholarships are designed to reward students who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the environment and their local communities. Abbey Road offers one full and one partial Green Ticket Scholarship equal to one full and one partial round-trip airfare to any Abbey Road summer program destination. AbbVie has launched the AbbVie Immunology Scholarship, which is designed to provide financial support for exceptional students living with inflammatory diseases, including ankylosing spondylitis AS , Crohn's disease CD , hidradenitis suppurativa HS , psoriasis Ps , juvenile idiopathic arthritis JIA , psoriatic arthritis PsA , rheumatoid arthritis RA , ulcerative colitis UC or uveitis [... Abby's Closet Dreams Can Come True Scholarship. Tell us about your dreams and aspirations for the future. ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Scholarship Essay Competition. The ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Scholarship Essay Competition was established to reward students that seek to increase their knowledge and understanding of how Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention help ensure safe drinking water. Backflow Prevention is designed to prevent dangerous - and sometimes fatal - bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful agents from entering the local water [... Our scholarship program aims to provide assistance to forward-thinking youth looking to pursue a career in the aquatic industry. Whether you're looking to bring potable water to all corners of the globe or are studying to become a water treatment engineer, PurAqua wants to empower you on your mission to change the world. To apply, send your application package and an essay detailing your plans to [... ACF Andrew Piech Memorial Scholarship. The fund provides assistance to students in the field of Automotive Technology and related Applied Technologies. Students must pursue a degree [... Rose and in honor of Eva. Eva is a longtime New Mexico resident. The fund will award a scholarship to an Albuquerque High School graduate pursuing a bachelor's degree in one of the STEM majors: Science, [... ACF Bryan Cline Memorial Soccer Scholarship Program. Bryan Cline played fullback on the EHS soccer team. Recipients must exhibit a strong scholastic record and leadership qualities. Two one-time awards are given annually to Eldorado High School varsity soccer team graduating seniors. Applicants must plan to attend a college or [... Scott Scholarship Fund for Tucumcari Lodge No. Applications are considered from graduating high school seniors beginning their college education, currently enrolled college students or from non-traditional students. The nontraditional student is defined as a person who is returning to school after [... ACF Charlie and Kathy Barnhart and Ken Haynes, Jr. Manufactured Housing Association Scholarship Fund? Woodling, to support students attending an accredited nonprofit or public educational institution in pursuit of a certificate or degree in a metals technology program with a concentration in machine tool technology and welding. ACF James Ledwith Memorial Scholarship. Award recipients demonstrate one of the [... ACF Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque Scholarship Program. Established by the Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque, this program recognizes students with a strong history of community service. Applicants should be a graduating senior with strong community service experience and strong academics from an Albuquerque metro area high school includes Bernalillo, Sandoval Valencia and Torrance Counties. ACF Notah Begay III Scholarship Program. Awards are made to New Mexico high school graduating seniors demonstrating strong academic achievement and participation in any varsity level team sport. Eligibility: -Applicants must be Native American scholar-athletes proof of tribal enrollment or certificate [... ACF Robby Baker Memorial Scholarship. Robby loved to ski and found that skiing helped his self-confidence as he dealt with the challenges of dyslexia. One scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior at La Cueva High School, who has a language learning or other reading disability. Eligibility: -Personal essays should include a brief description [... Caplan Scholarship Program supports female students from Albuquerque Academy to continue their education at a U. One female graduating senior will be selected in to receive the scholarship award. Preference will be given to applicants who have been a member of a high school debate team or society at Albuquerque Academy or [... Additional Criteria: -Be a graduating high school senior -Plan to attend an out-of-state college or an in-state private college -Must be a Federal Financial Aid [... ACF Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program. Woody Woodcock and his wife, Dixie, to support students of exceptional promise in the fields of science and math. Scholarships will be awarded to Albuquerque metro area high school graduating seniors includes Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia and Torrance Counties. Scholarships are payable over four years. ACF Youth in Foster Care Scholarship Program. The Nelson's student aid fund will make awards to young adults aging out of foster care who want to develop a marketable skill or continue their education at a post-secondary school. They hope they can positively impact the lives of young people who have already suffered from the insecurity of an unstable childhood. Applicants must: -Be a New Mexico resident for a minimum of one year -Have [... ACFEF Culinary Institute of America Scholarship. Students must be attending the Culinary Institue of America in either California, Texas, New York, or Singapore to receive [... The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, with the support of the American Academy of Chefs, will award two scholarships each year. ACHE Police Officers and Firefighters Survivors Educational Assistance Program. The ACHE Police Officers and Firefighters Survivors Educational Assistance Program is a grant covering tuition, fees, books and supplies for dependents and eligible spouses of Alabama police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. There is no limit on the amount awarded to recipients. Awards are available for undergraduate study in public institutions in Alabama. Students who are [... ACHE Student Grant Program. ACS awards renewable scholarships to underrepresented minority students who want to enter the fields of chemistry or chemistry-related fields. Awards are given to qualified students. African American, Hispanic, or American Indian high school seniors or college freshman, sophomores, or juniors pursuing a college degree in the chemical sciences or chemical technology are eligible to apply. Each applicant must fulfill all the requirements listed below: -Intent on pursuing a career in the actuarial profession -Must have at least one birth parent who is a member of one of the [... Adoption STAR Academic Scholarship Program. Through its academic scholarship program, Adoption STAR recognizes college bound individuals who were adopted by providing academic scholarships. Advance North East Foundation Athletic Scholarship. Senior at North East — The recipient must be a current senior at North East High School in North East, PA. Academic Eligibility — The recipient must ultimately be accepted for admission as a full-time, freshman undergraduate student to a two or four year college. Athlete — The recipient must have participated on a varsity athletic team during their time at North [... Advance North East Foundation Senior Scholarship. Advantage Medical Staffing Scholarship. This scholarship was established by Advantage Medical Staffing for the benefit of students who are pursuing a baccalaureate or associates degree with a major in nursing. Past recipients will be eligible to reapply. Advocacy in Action Video Contest. The problem: At least one in three U. A major chemical release or explosion could put their lives in danger. This includes homeschooled students. Students do not have to be an American citizen to participate. Ascend Educational Fund awards scholarships to immigrant students and children of immigrants who are graduating from a New York City high school to attend public or private colleges and universities, regardless of ethnicity, national origin, or immigration status. Eligibility: -Must be born outside the United States or have two parents born outside the United States -Must be a graduating [... Each year, the AEMP Foundation awards numerous scholarships renewable for up to four semesters. Although scholarships are awarded on a per-semester basis, the Foundation requires a full renewal on an annual basis. To qualify for a scholarship [... AFA Teens for Alzheimer's Awareness College Scholarship. As more and more families across America are affected by Alzheimer's disease, many teenagers as well are becoming aware of this heartbreaking brain disease - from personal experiences in their own families, watching friends and neighbors, or involvement in community service. In a further effort to provide an outlet for teenagers to express their thoughts about Alzheimer's disease and to engage [... AFAS General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program. The General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program is competitive in its need-based selection criteria, uniquely tailored to recognize the proper weighing of family income and education cost factors. African American Network - Carolinas Scholarship Fund. The African American Network is a Duke Energy employee resource group of African American employees. The Network identifies developmental growth opportunities for African American employees at Duke Energy and creates value for Duke Energy as a business resource and an organization with solid brand reputation. As part of its mission, the African American Network - Carolinas chapter provides [... AFSA High School Essay Contest. The prestigious contest encourages high school students to think about important international issues and learn about one of America's best kept secrets: The United States Foreign Service. This year, we throw the spotlight on a clear and present challenge: The growing number of refugees and internally displaced persons around the world. The contest challenges students to imagine themselves as [... AFSA High School Scholarship Contest. The American Fire Sprinkler Association created the scholarship program to help with the educational and training pursuits of students just like you. In addition, AFSA wants to educate the public at-large about the life-saving properties of automatic fire sprinklers. If you meet the contest requirements and want to learn a little during the process, please enter and good [... AFSA High School Senior Merit and Community Service Awards. The American Foreign Service Association AFSA academic merit, art merit, and community service awards recognize the exceptional accomplishments of graduating Foreign Service high school seniors. Students must be claimed as a dependent on the most recent IRS tax form by a U. AG Bell College Scholarship Awards. The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing AG Bell offers several scholarships for full-time students who are deaf and hard of hearing and who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited mainstream college or university. This is a merit-based scholarship program with award selection being extremely competitive. The number and value of awards [... Against the Grain Artistic Scholarship. Scholarship Winners will be invited to attend our annual charity event, Fashion for a Passion, held in Fall in Dallas, Texas. Against The Grain Groundbreaker Leadership Scholarship. The Against The Grain Groundbreaker Leadership Scholarship provides financial assistance and promotion of Asian-American college seniors and graduate students who have exhibited exemplary leadership, vision, and passion that is blazing a trail for others to follow and changing lives in the Asian-American community. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's [... Lindsay Scholarship provides scholarships for students with demonstrated financial need who are from rural areas of Massachusetts and attend public institutions of higher education within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A student qualifies if they are enrolled in an eligible program and meet the following requirements: -Be a permanent legal resident of Massachusetts for at [... Ahadi Women in Science Scholarship. Soudabeh Ahadi, this fund provides an annual scholarship to a female graduating senior of any Monroe County high school who is entering any field of science. Eligibility: -Must be a resident of Alabama -Must be enrolling in or attending a junior college, [... Preference is given to majors in education, health care, agriculture, construction or related trades. For more information or to apply, please visit the [... AICPA Accountemps Student Scholarship. Awards are non-renewable and past recipients may not re-apply. Payments are sent directly to the student's financial aid office on behalf of the student. Eligibility: -Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate-level degree in an "accounting-related" major -Planning to [... Aimee Melissa Davis Scholarship. The Aimee Melissa Davis Scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors from a Travis or Williamson County, Texas high school living with insulin dependent diabetes. Scholarship funds are made for tuition and related educational expenses and are paid directly to the educational institution. Applicants must attach: -A one-page essay outlining your future plans, extracurricular activities, [... Air Force ROTC Scholarship. Air Force ROTC offers a variety of scholarships that will help relieve the financial burden of your college education. That way, you can focus on preparing for your future. Air Force ROTC scholarships cover your tuition and most lab fees. Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship. One four-year undergraduate college scholarship is awarded each year. Sons or daughters of medically retired, long-term disabled or deceased pilot members of the Air Line Pilots Association are eligible for this [... Ajia Matthews Educational Scholarship Fund. AMESF scholarships for Washington State high school graduates in pursuit of a higher education. Criteria for these awards include academic performance, school involvement, character, leadership, and employment history and community service. AJLI Scholarship Program to Study in Israel. The purpose of the program is to foster Jewish spiritual and cultural values through the experience of living and studying in Israel and, at the same time, strengthen the ties that bind Jews in the United States to Jews in Israel so that upon returning to the United States, scholarship winners will be better able to communicate those ties to American Jewry. The University Scholarship Fund of [... Akron BBB's Laws of Life Essay Contest. Akron BBB's Laws of Life Essay Contest can be used to meet essay writing requirements of the Ohio English Language Arts Academic Content Standards and is aligned to Common Core. The contest also provides students with valuable practice in preparing for the written portion of the SAT and ACT exams, as well as college application essays. Al Barr Memorial Scholarship. Al Barr Design won numerous local and national design and advertising awards. Eligibility: -Attend and graduate from a Stanislaus County high school or be a Modesto Junior College transferring or graduating student -Be accepted into [... To be eligible for this award, applicant must meet the following criteria: -Library support staff currently working in a library -U. Alabama Golf Association Women's Scholarship Fund. The objective of the Alabama Golf Association Women's Scholarship Fund is to grant scholarships to deserving young women from the State of Alabama who have an interest in golf and are pursuing a baccalaureate degree at an accredited college or university within the State of Alabama. This is an academic scholarship and not based on athletic ability. Candidate Must: -Be a graduate of an [... Alabama Scholarships for Dependents of Blind Parents. Alabama Scholarship for Dependents of Blind Parents is an award to cover instructional fees and tuition at an Alabama state institution of higher learning for children from families in which the head of the family is blind and whose family income is insufficient to provide educational benefits. Students who are Alabama residents and from families in which the head of the family is blind and [... Alabama Student Grant Program. The AlaskAdvantage Education Grant program was created by the Alaska legislature to provide financial assistance to eligible Alaska students attending qualifying postsecondary educational institutions in Alaska. The program was specifically designed to set aside a portion of available grant funds as priority awards for applicants enrolled in qualifying workforce shortage programs, and for [... ALBA George Watt Memorial Essay Contest. Albert Smith Conservation Scholarship. This scholarship honors Albert A. Smith, who was generous with his time and resources. He supported and served on the boards of his favorite charities and civic groups, including the Salvation Army, the Ruffed Grouse Society where he served as national president, the Samaritan Center and First Congregational Church. Albuquerque Open Space Scholarship. The Apprentice Ecologist Open Space Initiative, which is part of the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative officially recognized by the U. Alfred State Academic Distinction Scholarships. Alice Madden Barton Cosmetology School Scholarship. Alice Madden Barton was the mother of Great Clips CEO Rhoda Olsen and Great Clips Chairman Ray Barton. In her honor, Great Clips has established the Great Scholarship Program to give to individuals who exhibit her qualities of determination, care and integrity. Current students, high school students and anyone interested in cosmetology or barbering as a career can apply for a scholarship through [... Awards are based on academic record, plan of study, career goals, recommendations and extra-curricular activities without consideration [... Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship. The ideal Allegra Ford Thomas Scholar is a student who: -Articulates his or her LD and [... Allen Meyer Family Scholarship. The Dallas Foundation manages a number of scholarships for students with diverse interests. The goal of the Allen Meyer Family Scholarship program is to provide full tuition assistance to students who can demonstrate moderate to significant financial need who wish to pursue an outstanding, intellectually rigorous secondary education at Parish Episcopal School. Applicants must: -Be a new or [... The amount of the scholarship will be determined by January of each year by the Director of the University Advancement based on the interest earnings in the [... Alliant Energy Innovation Scholarship. The Alliant Energy Foundation is offering a scholarship opportunity to recognize outstanding community leadership in young people and help students reach their academic goals. ALS Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. In order to be eligible for the ALS Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. Altrusa Club of Dayton - Ruth Richardson Scholarship. Altrusa International is a community service organization with a focus on literacy and other local needs. Richardson was the founder of the Dayton-Montgomery County Scholarship Program and a member of Altrusa International. Alumni Association Scholarship Fund of the Former Albert Einstein Medical Center Nursing School of Philadelphia. NFP's The Alumni Association Scholarship Fund of the Former Albert Einstein Medical Center Nursing School of Philadelphia exists to provide scholarships to students demonstrating financial need in the pursuit of a nursing degree. Criteria: -The applicant must attend an accredited baccalaureate, associate degree, RN-to-BSN-completion nursing program, advanced nursing degree program, or [... In concert with our mission, NW EEO offers the Alyce Marcus scholarship to eligible high school graduates in the Portland [... Amanda Reed Memorial Scholarship. Amber Huber Memorial Scholarship. We are offering this scholarship in memory of Amber Huber, who was diagnosed with an atypical T-cell Lymphoma in March of went through intensive chemotherapy at the University of Iowa Medical Center. While there she won the hearts of the staff with her positive attitude. Criteria for this scholarship: A. Applicant must be a graduating senior [... We fund a College Scholarship program for children of Active First Responders EMS, FIRE, POLICE who each day place their lives on the line for all of US. Criteria: -Any student whose parent is an Active Duty [... American Airlines Education Foundation Scholarship Awards. Through the American Airlines Education Foundation, dependents of American employees and its wholly owned subsidiaries can apply for scholarships for full-time undergraduate study at any accredited university, college, or vocational school. Applicants are evaluated based on academic achievement, community service, leadership, and financial need. Applicants must meet all of the following [... American Atheists Chinn Scholarships. American Atheists is proud to award two Chinn Scholarships for LGBT Atheist Activism. These scholarships recognize activism in the area of LGBT equality. Eligibility: -High school seniors or current college students -Full-time graduate and law school students -Applicants must be [... American Atheists O'Hair Award. The award is given every year at the American Atheists National Convention. The Student Activist Scholarship program was founded by Life Members Barbara J. Phillip Butler, Lillian B. Ramsden, Rice O'Dell and Irving Yablon. The scholarship can be used by a current college [... American Atheists President's Scholarships. American Atheists celebrates student activism by awarding scholarships to students who demonstrate atheist activism in their communities and schools. American Atheists is an organization of activists, so our scholarships are awarded based on activism. Qualified applicants must submit an application form and any and all information or evidence they have of their activism for the previous year. American Baptist Financial Aid Program. The Office of Financial Aid for Studies, American Baptist Home Mission Societies, administers the American Baptist Financial Aid Program that supports college students, graduate students, and seminarians. Eligibility: -Active members of an American Baptist church for at least one year -Preparing to enter an accredited institution in the United States or Puerto Rico as a full-time freshman [... American Business Women's Association - Saginaw Charter Chapter Scholarship. The mission of ABWA is [... American College Foundation Visionary Scholarship Program. All high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are U. American Council of the Blind Scholarship. All legally blind, full-time students admitted to academic and vocational training programs at the post-secondary level for the upcoming school year are encouraged to apply for one of these scholarships. Part-time students who are working full-time are also invited to apply for the John Hebner Memorial Scholarship. Fallen officers leave behind a legacy of courage, commitment, and honor. Unfortunately, that is [... American Fire Sprinkler Association Second Chance Scholarship. AFSA wants to educate the public at-large about the life-saving properties of automatic fire sprinklers. If you meet the contest requirements and want to learn a little during the process, please enter and good luck. Entry Requirements: -Read [... American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Program. The American Legion Auxiliary believes that the more knowledge our young people gain, the better citizens they will become. That is why the organization is so committed to education. Investing in the education of our young people is investing in the future of our country. American Legion Auxiliary Spirit of Youth Scholarship for Junior Members. The American Legion Auxiliary annually provides one Junior member in each of the five American Legion Auxiliary divisions with a scholarship. American Legion Auxililary Children of Warriors National Presidents' Scholarship. American Legion Baseball Scholarship. The American Legion offers a number of scholarships and other resources to assist young people in their pursuit of higher education. Each department baseball committee may select a player from their department to receive this scholarship. Applicant must have graduated from high school or have enrolled at a college or university, be on a current roster with American Legion National Baseball [... American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest. The American Legion Oratorical Contest exists to develop deeper knowledge and appreciation for the U. Constitution among high school students. American Legion Scholarship Program. This program is a grant award to be used for tuition, fees, and board expenses to attend a public postsecondary educational institution in Alabama. Awards are restricted to students who attend institutions having on-campus housing. The award is for students who are sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters of veterans of World War I, World War II, Korea, or Vietnam and who are residents of [... American Society of Human Genetics Essay Contest. The contest aims to challenge students to examine, question, and reflect on important concepts in genetics. Essays are expected to contain substantive, well-reasoned arguments indicative of a depth of understanding of the concepts [... American Taekwondo Association H. The American Taekwondo Association established the H. America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Scholarships. Applicants must in an identified state and county. Applicants must have strong leadership skills and have participated in community service. The Amish Descendant Scholarship Fund ADSF was founded to provide financial assistance and support to those coming from an Amish upbringing who have decided to pursue a higher education. In order to qualify for the scholarship you will have grown up Amish and your family is still Amish. You must have your GED or high school diploma before you can apply and be able to provide proof of [... The Amos and Edith Wallace Scholarship was founded to reward young, bright African-American students who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to service and education. The scholarship is in honor of the late Rev. Wallace shared a strong devotion to people, community and education. AMS Freshman Undergraduate Scholarship. The American Meteorological Society is pleased to announce the AMS Freshman Undergraduate Scholarship program, open to all high school students and designed to encourage study in the atmospheric and related sciences. Serving as a unique example of various sectors of our field joining together to support young, talented minds, the scholarships are being sponsored by partners in industry, as well [... Funding for the scholarships is provided by donations made by members to the AMS Giving Program. The two-year scholarship is distributed once per year during freshman and sophomore years [... AMTIE offers scholarships each year. The applicant's course of study must lead to a career in one of the disciplines certified by the American Medical Technologists. The Amy Lowenstein Scholarship Fund was created to assist promising graduates of Addison County public high schools who plan to attend a competitive, degree-granting, four-year, accredited college full-time. The Anchor Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships to eligible family members children and spouses of active duty, retired or honorably discharged Surface Navy personnel. Recipients are selected on the basis of four equally weighted criteria: -Academic performance -Character -Extracurricular -Financial need Anchor Scholarships MUST be applied to tuition and tuition related [... Andrew "Rube" Foster Scholarship. THE Negro Leagues Committee NLC of the Society for American Baseball Research SABR is pleased to announce their essay-writing contest for high school seniors. Andy and Julie Plata Honorary Scholarship. Angus Foundation Undergraduate Student Scholarship. To advance its mission of supporting education, youth and research, the Angus Foundation will award general scholarships to young men and women actively involved in the Angus breed who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in higher education. Awards are made in honor of Richard L. Spader, former Executive Vice President of the American Angus Association. A number of general scholarships and [... Ann Crawford Alexander Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be divided into two payments at the end of the first [... Criteria for this scholarship A. Rockford Christian High School graduating senior who B. Demonstrates the same strong love for others that Anna exemplified through her life D. Has a minimum GPA of [... Emem Ibok is passionate about uplifting the community, creating pipelines for people of color, and supporting college-bound students. Since attending Howard, he has served on the E-board of numerous organizations, including TRUST: A Society For Men of which he is a founder and the Howard University Alumni Club of Greater Seattle. It is through that involvement in which his passions are [... The scholarship may provide a non-renewable award for students who will pursue or are pursuing full-time undergraduate nursing degrees from accredited post-secondary institutions. The Anonymous Scholarship is for graduating seniors attending high schools in Thayer County, Nebraska. Preference is given to TeamMates program participants. ANS Incoming Freshman Scholarship. ANS Incoming Freshman Scholarships are awarded to graduating high-school seniors who have enrolled, full-time, in college courses and are pursuing a degree in nuclear engineering or have the intent to purse a degree in nuclear engineering. ANS will give a maximum of four Incoming Freshman Scholarships annually. The scholarships will be awarded based on an applicant's high school academic [... Eligibility: -Undergraduate scholarships are open to ANS student members enrolled in a course of study relating to a degree in nuclear science or nuclear engineering -All applications must be sponsored by a faculty advisor of an ANS Student Section or an individual ANS member -U. Antelope Valley Freethinkers High School Senior Essay Scholarship. A freethinker is someone who develops opinions based on science and reason in contrast to faith, authority, tradition, or dogma. Write from a personal perspective about how you have applied freethought in your life as well as how these principles would benefit society as a whole as we face such challenges as climate change, terrorism, income and social inequality, pandemics, weapons of mass [... This scholarship is awarded to a graduate who demonstrates the work ethic and perseverance that exemplified Martino's commitment to his career, family and community. Anthony and Charlotte Kinney Scholarship. The Anthony and Charlotte Kinney Scholarship is for graduating seniors, or graduates of Pecatonica High School. AOC Enlisted Tuition Grant. The procedures are the same as for scholarships. APIASF General Scholarship Program. Applicants must register for a free account on the scholarship provider's website to complete the application. Census -Be a citizen, national, or legal permanent resident of the United States. Census -Be a citizen, national, or legal permanent resident of the United States -Have a [... Census -Be a citizen, national, or legal permanent resident of the United States -Be enrolling [... Census -Be a citizen, national, or legal permanent resident of the U. Census -Be a citizen, national, or legal permanent resident of the United States -Must major [... Appaloosa Youth Foundation Territory Scholarship. The Appaloosa Youth Foundation awards scholarships to outstanding youth members of the Appaloosa Horse Club or Appaloosa Youth Association wishing to pursue higher education. Scholarships are awarded annually, with the entire amount paid to the financial office of the college or university the student will be attending. CollegeWeekLive makes it easy to find information on the college of your choice, with online events and live chats happening nearly every day. It's that easy — no essay required. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship [... They will also win a trip to CES in Las Vegas, where they will have the opportunity to show off their apps to an audience of technology influencers. The students will be recognized during the annual Mobile Apps Showdown [... Applicants should embody the spirit of the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative by [... Bell "Pay It Forward" Memorial Scholarship. Students must exemplify the qualities of compassion, benevolence, and fortitude acquired through civic activities. Members must apply during their senior [... AQHA Arizona Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship. State and local support of the horse industry is vital. That's why the Foundation offers scholarships to reinforce the importance of our youth affiliate ambassadors. Youth leaders who are actively involved through their state affiliate may be eligible for scholarships supported by Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, British Columbia Canada , Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, [... AQHA Arizona Quarter Racing Scholarship. The Arizona Quarter Racing Scholarship is for students who have been members of AQHA or AQHYA for at least one year who are from Arizona and have experience in the racing industry or who are seeking careers in the racing industry. Recipients must seek a career in veterinary medicine, racetrack management, or other racing-related fields. Members must apply during their senior year of high school, [... AQHA Boon San Kitty Scholarship. Members must apply during their senior year of high school. Current or previous AQHF scholarship recipients are not eligible. Funding for this scholarship will be applied to a four-year degree program of the student's choice. Form more information or to apply, please visit [... AQHA Christopher Lawrence Junker Nebraska Scholarship. The Christopher Lawrence Junker Nebraska Scholarship is for students who have been members of AQHA or AQHYA for at least one year and are from Nebraska. Members must apply during their senior year of high school or while enrolled at an accredited college, university, or vocational school. Funding for this scholarship will be applied to either [... Funding for this scholarship will be applied to either a two or four-year [... Gerald O'Connor Michigan Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship. Members must apply during their senior year of high school [... AQHA Guy Stoops Professional Horsemen's Family Scholarship. Many fields of employment are tied either directly or indirectly to the horse industry. Support for students within these fields is imperative to the sustainability and advancement of our industry. AQHA Indiana Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship. Barton Scholarship is for students who are current AQHA or AQHYA members from New York, who are also current members of the Empire State Youth Quarter Horse Association. Members must apply during their senior year of high school or while enrolled at an accredited college or university. Funding for this scholarship [... AQHA Jay Pumphrey Animal Sciences Scholarship. Current or previous AQHF [... AQHA Joan Cain Florida Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship. The Joan Cain Florida Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship is for students who have been members of AQHA or AQHYA for at least two years and are from Florida. Students must also be members of the Florida Quarter Horse Youth Association, and have maintained two or more years of membership. Students should be actively involved with FlQHA. Members must apply during their senior year of high school or [... AQHA Journalism or Communications Scholarship. AQHA Joyce Wyatt Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship. The Joyce Wyatt Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship is for students who are current members of AQHA or AQHYA from Pennsylvania. Members must apply during their senior year of high school or while enrolled at an accredited college, university, vocational, or professional school. Funding for this scholarship will be applied to a four-year [... AQHA Oklahoma Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship. The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship is for students who have been members of AQHA or AQHYA for at least one year and are from Oklahoma. Applicants must be current members of the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association and have maintained two or more years of membership. Students should be actively involved with OkQHA. Members must apply during their senior year of high school or while [... AQHA Region One Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship. The AQHA Region One Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship is for students who reside in Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington, and have been a member of AQHA or AQHYA as well as one of the above AQHA state affiliates for at least one year. Members must apply during their senior year of high school or while enrolled at any accredited college or university. Recipient must maintain a [... AQHA Swayze Woodruff Memorial Mid-South Scholarship. AQHF Nebraska Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship. The Nebraska Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship is for students who have been members of AQHA or AQHYA for at least one year and are from Nebraska. Current or previous AQHF scholarship recipients are not [... To be considered for a Foundation scholarship, please complete and return the current scholarship application and include the requested support materials required for submission. Applicants will submit a nonspecific application which will be evaluated against the scholarship criteria. Application materials must be postmarked. Applications sent by fax or email will not be accepted. Arab-American Women's Business Council Scholarship. The Arab American Women's Business Council AAWBC wishes to foster the growth and academic achievement of Arab-American Women. The AAWBC established a scholarship fund to provide educational opportunities to females of Arab descent in the state of Michigan and going to attend a school in Michigan. Four to five scholarships will be awarded: two scholarships to current college students and two [... Arborjet Taking Root Scholarship. Arborjet has established its Taking Root Scholarship Program to encourage and enable bright and promising young students to fulfill their dreams of entering careers in the arboriculture industry. Scholarships are offered for students looking to pursue full-time studies in forestry, plant sciences, horticulture, entomology, environmental science or a related major at an accredited two- or [... Arizona CPA Foundation High School Scholarship. The Arizona CPA Foundation for Education and Innovation, in coordination with the Arizona Society of CPAs, supports programs and initiatives in education and practice which enhance excellence and innovation in the profession of accountancy. Eligibility: -After graduation, recipient must enroll in an Arizona university or community college as a full-time student in the fall semester [... Arizona Elk Society Annual Youth Scholarships. The scholarship will go to two Arkansas high school seniors through a competitive audition process. For more information or [... Through the years, music has been a force that has unifying powers. These powers speak to the human emotion, allowing order to transcend disorder and chaos and bring diverse cultures together for the betterment of humanity. Arkansas High-Tech Scholarship Program. Preference is given to [... Army Engineer Memorial Awards. A candidate for an award may be any graduating high school senior who is a citizen of the United States and whose sponsor, parent, or legal guardian is a U. Army Engineer active duty, retired [... Army ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship Program. If you have a passion for it, you can find a place to fit in the Army as an officer and get the training you need to turn that passion into a Four-Year High School [... Arnold White Memorial Scholarship. The Arnold White Memorial Scholarship is offered to Lyons, Fairbury, or Lincoln Nebraska high school seniors, or former graduates of these schools. Applicants must be attending or plan to attend a two- or four-year college, and demonstrate financial need. Preference is given to first-generation college students. ARTBA's Student Transportation Video Contest. There has been a lot of talk about transportation and infrastructure lately, ranging from debates in high school to debates in Congress. The American Road and Transportation Builders Association ARTBA would like to know what you think. The winners, along with other [... Arthur Hill High School Scholarship. The vision for the scholarship grew to endow a scholarship larger than what one graduating class might be able to endow, and to fund more than one or two scholarships for one year of the recipient's education. The Arthur Hill High School Scholarship's goal is to provide every [... The purpose of the Ashbrook Scholar Program is to assist students in acquiring the intellectual and moral virtues required for thoughtful citizenship. We do this through sustained reflection on the writings of those who have thought most deeply and comprehensively about human nature and political organization, and the opinions, character, and actions of those who have most remarkably practiced [... The purpose of the Ashley E. Ketcher Memorial Scholarship is to provide educational funds to support an Auburn High School CAPA student planning to attend an accredited college or university. Ashley Stevenson Memorial Scholarship. The Ashley Stevenson Memorial Scholarship is an annual, merit based competition, that focuses on rewarding ambitious, driven, goal-oriented individuals with a background of consistent civic involvement or community service. This is a [... ASHS Outstanding Horticulture Student Award. The ASHS Outstanding Horticulture Student Awards officially recognizes exceptional undergraduate horticulture students in baccalaureate programs. Ashtabula County Business Exchange "Jay Sartini Memorial Scholarship". The Jay Sartini Memorial Scholarship is funded and administered by the Ashtabula County Business Exchange. The secondary purpose of the organization is to support business education in Ashtabula County in order to [... Unfortunately, this fairytale turns into a nightmare. In the spirit of Ashton, his family, who will always love and miss him, are pleased to endow this scholarship to be given annually to a graduating senior from Heritage High School who has [... Asian Women In Business Scholarship. The AWIB Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to students who have the attributes to be our next generation of leaders. Eligibility: Candidates for the scholarship must be female of Asian includes those [... The Associated Grocers—Sam S. Politz Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of the members of Associated Grocers Inc. This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Sam S. Politz, a former president and CEO of Associated Grocers Inc. The Fund provides scholarships to assist graduating Louisiana high school students who will enroll fulltime in an [... Associated Women for Pepperdine AWP Scholarship. The Associated Women for [... Association for Women in Mathematics Essay Contest. To increase the awareness of women's ongoing contributions to mathematics, the Association of Women in Mathematics and Math for America are co-sponsoring an essay contest for biographies of contemporary women mathematicians and statisticians in industrial, government, and academic careers. Association of Texas Leaders for Education Scholarship. This scholarship was established by the Association of Texas Leaders for Education ATLE for Texas resident graduating seniors who will be attending a Texas school to pursue a secondary education. The purpose for this scholarship is to promote higher education for Texas students. Without discrimination toward race or sex, the following eligibility requirements shall apply to candidates for [... Atlantic Aviators Aviation Scholarship. To provide resources for this, the chapter is offering two scholarships to any deserving high school seniors, college freshman or sophomores who have demonstrated an [... Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarships. Eligibility: -Must demonstrate financial need -Plan to enroll as a full-time student in a degree program at N. State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, or UNC-Greensboro -Must currently reside and attend high school [... Augustana College Alumni Legacy Award. The scholarship program at Augustana is made possible by the generous support from alumni, special friends of the university, corporations, and foundations. Through their dedication and generosity, students are realizing their dreams of a liberal arts education. Augustana College Athletic Grant. Augustana College Distinguished Scholar Competition. Augustana College invites graduating high school seniors who possess strong records of academic achievement and have demonstrated exceptional leadership to their school and community to participate in the Distinguished Scholars Competition, the college's most prestigious scholarship event. Eligibility: -Possess an ACT [... Augustana College Fryxell Scholarship. Lucy Fryxell established the Don Fryxell Scholarship in memory of her husband. She desired that the scholarship be awarded to young scholars who wish to study the humanities. As English professors, the Fryxells had a special affinity for literature and the pursuit of an elegant and excellent use of the English language. Therefore, special consideration is given to candidates with an interest [... Augustana College Presidential Scholarship. The scholarship program at Augustana is made possible by the generous support from alumni, special friends of the College, corporations, and foundations. Separate application and interview required. Augustana College Pro Musica Scholarships. The Augustana Music Department offers scholarships to students who excel in the areas of vocal, instrumental and keyboard. Scholarships are annual allocations and automatically renewable. Criteria for maintaining a scholarship varies by department and is generally a commitment to [... Augustana University Diversity Scholarships. Diversity Scholarships are for full-time students who are members of a minority ethnic group and bring diversity to campus. Ethnicity and financial need are two of the factors considered. Verify your eligibility with the Office of Admission or Financial Aid. Augustana University Hatterscheidt Scholarship. New students must apply for admission and the scholarship. This scholarship is not renewable. Austin College Art Scholarships. Austin College art scholarships are awarded to students with talents in studio art, who may or may not intend a major or minor in art. A limited number of awards are available each year. Recipients are required to maintain satisfactory participation in at least one art or art history course each year that they receive the award and must remain full-time students in good academic standing. Austin College John D. Moseley Alumni Scholarships are awarded each year to outstanding freshman applicants through a highly competitive selection process. The Moseley Alumni Scholarship is renewable annually as long as the recipient remains a full-time student in good academic standing. Awarded to outstanding freshman applicants who have a potential for continued success at Austin College. Austin College Music Scholarship. Music Scholarships are made to students, who may or may not intend a major or minor in music, in addition to any academic scholarships. Recipients are required to maintain satisfactory participation in their assigned ensemble each semester that they receive the award and must remain full-time students in good academic standing. Students who will be non-majors are not required to take private [... Austin College Sara Bernice Moseley Scholarships for Presbyterian Students. Austin College awards the Sara Bernice Moseley Scholarship to students with records of academic achievement who are members of the Presbyterian Church USA. Strong candidates will have demonstrated a commitment to the Church and to service to others. A limited number of awards are available each year and are awarded annually. This scholarship is renewable for each undergraduate year, provided a [... Austin College Theatre Scholarship. Awarded to students with talents in theatre - both for those who intend to major or minor in theatre and for those who do not intend to major or minor in theatre. To be considered as a candidate, applicants must have a live audition or portfolio presentation and interview with theatre faculty in the early spring of their [... Automotive Hall of Fame Scholarships. The program has specific scholarships for incoming freshmen and upper-level undergraduate students. To be eligible for a scholarship you must: -Submit a completed application form indicating a sincere interest in an automotive career -Provide an official transcript of all academic [... Automotive Women's Alliance Foundation Education Scholarship. Scholarships are at the root of our purpose in Automotive Women's Alliance Foundation AWAF. As an active professional foundation dedicated to supporting the advancement of automotive professionals, AWAF strives to motivate current and future students studying an automotive-related field. Scholarships are selected by the Scholarship Committee and awarded quarterly to the women that solicit [... The scholarship is to be awarded to a graduate of a Terry County High School who is planning to enroll in a post-secondary education program. AWS Barbara and Richard Couch Hypertherm Scholarship. Barbara and Dick Couch's personal values are deeply entrenched in Hypertherm's corporate mission, which includes an equal focus on promoting the well-being and development of their Associates. Both Barbara and Dick have worked tirelessly at Hypertherm and serving on local, regional, and national committees to further education opportunities for all. The Barbara and Richard Couch Hypertherm [... AWSC Graduating High School Senior Scholarship. The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs is pleased to again be able to offer scholarships to high school graduating seniors who are actively involved in snowmobiling. Applicant must be an individual member, or son, daughter, or legal ward of a family with a current membership in an AWSC club having two consecutive years prior membership. He or she is further required to have passed the [... AXA Achievers and scholarship amount will be chosen based on AXA Achievement criteria including a student's prior [... Azalee Clements Memorial Scholarship. Bradford Barnes Memorial Scholarship. Bradford Barnes Memorial Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship which also covers fees, room, board and books at the University of Delaware. The goal of the Baer Reintegration Scholarship is to help people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or bipolar disorder acquire the educational and vocational skills necessary to reintegrate into society, secure jobs, and regain their lives. Eligibility: - Be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder - Be currently receiving medical treatment for [... Balanced Man Scholarship - University of Nebraska at Omaha. The Ancient Greeks believed in developing a sound mind and a sound body as the way to live a fulfilling life. The Balanced Man Scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen at the University of Nebraska at Omaha who exhibit academic [... Balanced Man Scholarship - University of Washington. The Balanced Man Scholarship is an award designed for six young, balanced men who will attend the University of Washington. Each year, Sigma Phi Epsilon awards scholarships to incoming freshmen who exemplify our philosophy of the Balanced Man: excellence in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. The scholarship is available to all incoming male students, not solely to those [... Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund. Each scholarship is renewable for a total of four years on the basis of satisfactory academic performance in a full-time undergraduate program. Awards are for undergraduate study only. Eligibility Criteria: -Incoming [... Eligibility: -Show evidence of a divine call to church-related vocational ministry -Demonstrate a lifestyle of commitment to the principles of the Christian life -Be an active [... Barbara Odom-Wesley Spirit of Achievement Scholarship. This scholarship is named in honor of Barbara Odom-Wesley, the chartering president of the Xi Theta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. This scholarship may be used at any two-year or four-year college or university. Trade, technical, and cosmetology schools are ineligible. Scholarship applicants will be evaluated heavily on the basis of financial need. In order to be eligible for [... Baxalta Education Advantage Scholarship. Education Advantage is a scholarship program designed to help people with bleeding conditions pay for school and continue their education. It can be a great start on the road to developing your career and getting involved with the community. The program is open to anyone with hemophilia A or B factor VIII or IX deficiency , including those with inhibitors, regardless of which brand of [... Baxter International Foundation Scholarship Program. Renewable scholarships are offered for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student's choice. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or [... Bay Area Mobility Management. They do not have to be part of a company-sponsored relocation to apply. We anticipate awarding at least [... Baylor University Baptist Scholarships. There are many scholarships available for undergraduate students who are active in a Baptist church, pursuing a career in the church or whose parent is a Baptist minister or missionary, including: -Baptist Church Matching Scholarship -Baptist Minister's Dependent Scholarship -Baptist Missionaries' Dependent Scholarship -Baptist National Merit Finalist Scholarship -Presidential [... BBB Foundation's Students of Integrity Scholarship. BBB Foundation offers the Students of Integrity Scholarship to recognize high school seniors who personify high ethics, as demonstrated through leadership, community service, overall personal integrity and academic accomplishments. A scholarship will be awarded to the winning application submitted by students residing in Alaska, Oregon or Western Washington. High school seniors from across the [... BBB New Hampshire Student Ethics Scholarship. BBB Student Ethics Scholarship recognizes students who personify high ethics as demonstrated through leadership, community service, overall personal integrity and academic history. BBB Serving New Hampshire will give away scholarships to five students to help them attend a four-year college or university. Applicants must be a direct relative to an owner or a full-time employee of a current [... BBB of Delaware Student Ethics Scholarship. The Better Business Bureau Foundation of Delaware is proud to announce the Student Ethics Scholarship program. This program recognizes college-bound Seniors who personify high ethics as demonstrated through leadership, community service, overall personal integrity and academic history. BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship. These scholarships are designed to recognize and promote ethics and integrity among young people. BBB will award scholarships to graduating high school seniors in Minnesota or North Dakota who personify all of the best aspects of high character in their [... Beat the Odds Program. The Children's Defense Fund-Ohio Beat the Odds scholarship program honors outstanding high school students who have overcome tremendous adversity, demonstrated academic excellence and given back to their communities. Annually, CDF-Ohio identifies five Ohio high school students to honor and support by providing each with a college scholarship, a laptop computer, an invitation to join CDF's youth [... Beat the Odds Scholarship. The Beat the Odds Scholarship Awards Program is designed to highlight the incredible potential of Oregon's young people as well as the challenges which prevent too many of them from succeeding. Beating Heart Disease Scholarship. More often than not, the student serves as the caregiver to a parent or grandparent with heart disease making securing an education especially stressful due to the [... You are welcome to work alone, but encouraged to work with up to two teammates. Teams with more than three members will not be eligible for prizes or symposium attendance. Submission materials: -Creative digital documentation of how you effected positive change -A cover letter that explains what you [... Becca's Closet Spirit of Generosity Scholarship. Becca's Closet collects and distributes homecoming and prom clothing to needy high school students in local communities. Becca's Closet also hosts annual fundraisers to fund post-secondary scholarships. Ben Carlson Memorial Scholarship. The Ben Carlson Memorial and Scholarship Foundation seeks to create a sustainable legacy of Ben Carlson through scholarship, ocean safety, and philanthropy. Funds will be distributed directly to the institution in order to offset tuition, books, or housing expenses. In order to [... Benjamin and Patricia Allen Scholarship. Preference is given to first-generation students defined as a student whose parents have not graduated from and institute of higher education with a four-year degree. This scholarship is given on behalf of Benjamin and Patricia Allen in honor of their dedication to the College of Business. This scholarship is funded by the Allens, University Faculty and Staff, business leaders, and the [... Benjamin Venezia Memorial Scholarship. Benjamin planned his future, shared his dreams, hoped and prayed that his friends and family would never know cancer or experience his pain, suffering, and fears. Benjamin will always be remembered as thoughtful, loving, [... Berea College Tuition Promise Scholarship. All admitted students to Berea College receive our Tuition Promise Scholarship. We are able to provide this level of financial assistance due to the generous support of alumni, [... Dillon Vocational Skills Scholarship. These scholarships are named in honor of AMRA Past National President Bernard E. Dillon who encouraged the Association to create a Foundation that would raise funds to continually increase the number of scholarships that could be provided to military families. Dillon later became the first President of the Foundation Board. Bernice Barlow NAACP Scholarship. The Bernice Barlow NAACP Scholarship is in memory Bernice Lowery, a former educator and NAACP activist. She also attended the funeral of Dr. Bernice McNamara Memorial Scholarship. The Bernice McNamara Memorial Scholarship Award was established to support the financial needs of young adults who have lost a parent to cancer and are seeking higher education. A loving mother of seven children and a registered nurse, Bernice spent a lifetime helping others. Bernice was a graduate of the Boston College School of Nursing and for many years worked for various doctors, health [... Bernie Smillie Memorial Scholarship - Freeland Graduate. Proceeds of this outing have helped to promote organ donor support and awareness [... Bernie Smillie Memorial Scholarship - Medical. Bernie Smillie Memorial Scholarship - Michigan Student. Bernie Varnadore Scholarship Program. Outstanding High School Seniors who have participated in a franchised Dixie Boys Baseball, Incorporated program and plan to pursue undergraduate studies at a college or university may apply. Bernold and Beatrice Pollard Scholarship Program. Minimum general eligibility requirements for both scholarships include: -U. Berry Quality of Life Youth Leadership Scholarship. Bill and Peggy believe that serving one's community can be an immensely inspiring and rewarding experience. They know their lives have been enriched and [... Beta Gamma Recruitment Grant. Beta Omicron of Sigma Chi Scholarship. This scholarship is open to all incoming male freshman who enroll as full-time students at Iowa State University in the Fall who indicate interest in fraternity membership. If you are a male student, currently a high school senior, and plan to attend Iowa State University in the fall semester, [... Beta Sigma Psi Martin Luther Scholarship. The Martin Luther Scholarship is offered by the Beta Sigma Psi National Lutheran Fraternity. Payment will be made directly to the student's college or university. Scholarship finalists will be contacted for a phone interview with the scholarship committee. Beta Sigma Psi University of Illinois Christian Leadership Award. Young men who wish to apply are under no obligation to join Beta Sigma Psi or be related to a member for consideration. Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship Program. The Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship scholarship was created in honor of Beth Carew because she was a model for us all. She was an outspoken advocate for the needs of families with bleeding disorders and for the needs of women who were affected by bleeding disorders in any way. We at the Colburn-Keenan Foundation, joined by the Carew family, are proud to offer this scholarship program to young [... Beth Middleton Memorial Scholarship. The Beth Middleton Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a current or former FCCLA state or national officer who exhibits outstanding leadership, scholarship, and community service, and who demonstrates well roundedness through various activities. Each applicant will be evaluated based on the application information provided, and a recipient will be selected by a selection committee. Bethesda Student Scholastic Scholarships for High School Seniors. Up to two scholarships will be awarded each year to Lutheran high school seniors pursuing a post-secondary degree in any academic area that will prepare them to serve and support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Betsy Niles scholarship is offered in memory of Betsy Niles, a children's book editor and lifelong resident of Montclair. Betsy was known for always giving the perfect gift for every occasion. Betsy's last gift was the greatest gift of all, the gift of life. Eligibility: -Student must [... Better Brothers LA Book Scholarship. Having tuition paid is challenge enough for any student, but not having all the right materials on the first day of class hinders many students from starting a successful educational journey. Better Brothers LA assists Black LGBTQ youth with avoiding this hindrance by offering book scholarships. The scholarships support youth who have been admitted to or are attending an accredited degree, [... Betty Hansen National Scholarship. The Danish Sisterhood of America is very proud of its Scholarship and Grant Program. Our Scholarship and Grant Program is made possible through generous endowments and memorial funds and are being supplemented by donations from individual members, lodges, and districts of the Danish Sisterhood. Betty Harlan Memorial Art Scholarship. Scholarship applications are read and scored by committees of volunteers who use a "blind" review process. Beulah Frey Environmental Scholarship. The Beulah Frey Environmental Scholarship - ASWP awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors from our service area of Allegheny, Armstrong, south Butler, Beaver, North Fayette, Northeast Washington, and Westmoreland counties. Students who are applying to two or four-year colleges to further their studies in an environmentally-related field are eligible to apply. Bev Granger Memorial Scholarship. The WSCGA Foundation not only supports the athletic dreams of our young golfers, but also their academic pursuits and talents through scholarship awards. All applicants must fill out a general scholarship application. The WSCGA Foundation Scholarship Committee then decides which scholarship is best suited for the applicant based on her talents, extra-curricular activities, and academic goals. The BWH Group offers a scholarship for women who are pursuing an undergraduate or master's degree and are majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics STEM fields during the current school year. Tell us about your favorite app and what you like about it. Tell us about a time an [... Big Game Conservation Association Scholarship. The Big Game Conservation Association is a Nebraska non-profit corporation whose mission is to ensure the future of Nebraska's big game species big horn sheep, elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, turkey, antelope, and mountain lion , their habitat and Nebraska's hunting heritage through targeted education, research and management partnerships at the grass-roots level and beyond. The Association has [... The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. In order to do our part, we are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student-athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in. Billiard Education Foundation Academic Scholarship Program. The Billiard Education Foundation BEF Academic Scholarship Program is an annual program administered by the BEF Scholarship Committee, under the direction and guidance of the BEF Board of Trustees. The objective is to grant scholarships to high school seniors who have benefited from the sport of billiards and are entering their first year of college. Through the generosity of our donors and [... Billy Smith Memorial Scholarship. The Billy Smith Memorial Scholarship was established because Billy was always helping people in any way that he could. It is a sport-related scholarship because it memorializes the activities Billy loved most. Eligibility: -Applicant must be a graduating high school senior -Must reside in Winnebago, Boone, Ogle or Stephenson County -Must have played at least three years of baseball or [... Bird Dog Foundation Essay Contest. The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. An annual College Scholarship Essay Contest sponsored by the Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. This contest was created in the hopes that it would enhance scholarly training and education in wildlife and wildlife conservation as well [... Bishop John Bryson Chane Scholarship for Social Justice. Grants are awarded yearly to graduating seniors in the Diocese of Washington who are interested in pursuing social justice at an accredited college or university. Students must be active members of an Episcopal church within [... Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship. Blacks at Microsoft BAM is a company-sponsored employee network dedicated to supporting the continued growth and development of black employees at Microsoft Corporation. The scholarships are renewable, so winners who continue to meet the criteria [... The BLM Squared Scholarship Foundation program is designed to address the financial needs of minority college students and award outstanding high school graduates who plan to earn a baccalaureate degree from an accredited, four-year college or university with financial assistance: -Applicants must be permanent Illinois resident -Scholarships are to be utilized at an institution of higher [... BMW of Freeport Biannual Scholarship. Writing Prompt: What if? But when combined, the possibilities are endless. Eligibility: -Senior in high school or freshman in college located in the United States -Must be currently attending or planning to attend an accredited college or university during the fall [... This annual scholarship is provided by BMW AG in recognition of its commitment to excellence in engineering. BMW is world famous for designing and building luxury, high-performance passenger cars, and motorcycles. The company is also a leader in developing and manufacturing high-technology, high-performance internal combustion engines. This scholarship is in support of the SAE Foundation to [... Bobby Sox High School Senior Scholarship. The scholarship is offered high school senior females who have participated in the Bobby Sox program for a minimum of four seasons. The Bobby Sox year consists of two seasons, the spring and the fall. Participation in Mini Sox, Bobby Sox, or American Girl is considered for eligibility. Primarily, the scholarship committee is interested that those girls who made Bobby Sox a part of their lives [... Bobette Bibo Gugliotta Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing. Gugliotta wrote a story about a mouse who later became Mickey. Navy Ensign Guy [... Boise State WUE Award. Once you've applied for [... Botkins Community Fund Scholarship. To be eligible for this award, the applicant must be Botkins High School Shelby Co. Preference will be given to [... Botkins Student Memorial Scholarship. To be eligible for this award, applicants must be Botkins High School Shelby Co. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website. As an urban university, Marquette is committed to educating talented students from its surrounding community and similar urban areas across the country. Special consideration for [... Brad Fowler Memorial Scholarship. The recipients must have demonstrated his or her ability to overcome personal obstacles associated with drugs or alcohol, a strong commitment to athletics and continuing their personal growth and development through higher education. Bradford-Sullivan Forest Landowners' Association Scholarship. To be eligible for this award, applicant must be: - A Bradford or Sullivan county [... Brandon Walker "BW" Memorial Scholarships - Athletic Scholarship. Brandon volunteered at the Mid-Michigan Children's Museum in Saginaw and with the Tittabawassee Township Police. He enjoyed helping kids that participated in a youth football league. He had fallen asleep behind the wheel [... Brandon Walker "BW" Memorial Scholarships - Criminal Justice Scholarship. Brandon Walker "BW" Memorial Scholarships - Ferris State University Scholarship. Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Foundation Scholarship. Applicant must prove an interest in the automotive hobby or enroll in automotive classes in an institution or higher education includes community colleges and trade schools. The scholarship will be [... Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship. Pearson knew the meaning of hard work and recognized the rewards of commitment. He valued the relationships he had with his family, friends, neighbors, and teammates. People who were fortunate enough [... Bridgewater College Church of the Brethren Grant. BC offers exceptional academic scholarships for incoming freshmen. Bridgewater College's Church of the Brethren Scholarships are renewable awards for incoming freshmen who are members of the Church of the Brethren. Qualifying incoming freshmen are automatically considered for the award upon admission. Our Mission: We are committed to providing a safe haven for inner city and minority youth as we refine, enrich, and empower them through mentorship, community outreach, and scholarships Our Vision: To help individuals cultivate high self-esteem, achieve scholastic excellence, and attain fulfillment in life realizing their full potential and purpose. In addition to these ideas, we financially [... Brook Hollow Golf Club Scholarship. Members of the Brook Hollow Golf Club have established a scholarship program to assist employees of Brook Hollow Golf Club "BHGC" or their children and grandchildren who desire to pursue higher education but require financial assistance to do so. Applicants must be: -Either a current full-time or [... Bruce Fishkin Scholarship Fund. The Bruce Fishkin Scholarship Fund offers college scholarships to eligible high school seniors in Redding, Fairfield and Westport, Connecticut and the cities and surrounding suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and Las Vegas, Nevada. Award amounts vary according to the need of the student and the cost of attendance. Eligibility: -Must be entering their senior year of high school in the fall -Must [... Buch Family Academic Scholarship. The scholarship, based on athletic and academic achievements and financial need, recognizes active amateur skaters who pursue excellence in both their academic and athletic pursuits. The purposes of the scholarship are to assist in preparation for an aviation career, to promote safety in aviation through education, training and research, to promote scientific study of aviation-related phenomenon, to develop [... Bunny and Bill Davis Highland Presbyterian Scholarship. Burger King James W. The McLamore Family Foundation created the James W. The four-year scholarship is intended to help the top students that apply achieve their educational and professional goals, along with serving as a tribute to Jim himself. Applicants must: -Be citizens of the United States or [... Burger King Scholars Program. Created in memory of Burger King Co-founder James "Jim" W. Recipients are selected based on their grade point average GPA , work experience, extracurricular activities and community [... Buster Lindsay Memorial Scholarship. All of CFNIL's scholarship funds were created by individuals or organizations that recognize the importance of helping students achieve their educational goals, now and in perpetuity. The funds' creators selected the criteria for each scholarship, based on their [... The scholarships are limited to spouses and dependent children of blinded veterans, but the blinded veteran in question is not [... Viera Community Service Scholarship. Viera Community Service Scholarship is dedicated to, and is a lasting tribute to Robert Viera, who provided leadership on behalf of minorities [... Caitlin Brondolo Golf Scholarship. The objective of the Caitlin Brondolo Scholarship is to award a scholarship to a female high school senior who has played golf during high school and is pursuing a college education in the United States and who will be playing competitive collegiate golf. The scholarship requires a simple one-page application and essay on "The Importance of Establishing and Maintaining Good Credit During Your College Years". The scholarship is awarded to California high school seniors for their use as full-time students at any accredited college, [... California Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents Grant Program LEPD. California Strawberry Growers' Fund Scholarships. Countless students and graduates are pursuing their passions and working in careers that span a wide range of professions. Eligibility: -First-time applicants must have a parent that is currently employed as a California strawberry fieldworker for the current and [... Camden County Hero Scholarship. To be presented to a graduating high school senior who has a parent actively serving, or they themselves serve Camden County in a public safety capacity. Branches of public safety include law Enforcement, fire Service and emergency medical service EMT. If there are no qualified applicants in a particular field, than no award [... The Foundation will allocate scholarships to individuals pursuing careers in education, nonprofits, [... Camp Counselor Appreciation Scholarship. Camp Network's rapid growth over the last several years has allowed us to establish a Camp Counselor Appreciation Scholarship for rising college freshman. Camp staffs across the country sacrifice their time and energy each year and we would like to reward a select few counselors that exhibit the following [... All past board members, volunteers, and athletes would like to honor a deserving high school senior who best represents the spirit of competition, sportsmanship, friendship and community involvement with the Can-Amera Scholarship as a way to symbolize the spirit and [... Cancer for College Carolinas Scholarship. Applicants are not discriminated against based on sex, race or religious belief. Community college applicants are eligible for the minimum scholarship level. All remaining applicants will be eligible for other one-time awards. Cancer for College Cherry Hawk Scholarship. Cancer for College Dear Jack Scholarship. Cancer for College Frank the Tank Scholarship. The Frank The Tank Scholarship in partnership with Cancer for College is Frank's "pay-it-forward" to a college student, who is dealing with the challenges of completing university curriculum while undergoing treatment for cancer, or the long lasting side effects of cancer treatments. In addition to financial support, the recipient of this scholarship will also receive ongoing resource support [... Cancer for College Henry Streuli Scholarship. The honoree scholarship will be awarded to a student who will use their education to advance a world that is filled with Henry's love of life. Henry loved everyone, from babies to seniors. Henry was passionate about Jesus and his values of [... Cancer for College Leonard Family Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship. Cancer for College Pacific Northwest Scholarship. Cancer for College Ross Skelton Memorial Scholarship. Cancer for College Skip Wohl Memorial Scholarship. The Skip Wohl Memorial Scholarship has been set up to honor the life and legacy of Emil H. The award recognizes outstanding students who have been affected by cancer and truly exemplify living life to the fullest. Eligibility: -Open to any cancer survivor who is enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States -Applicant must be a resident of the United [... Scholarships from the Cancer Survivors' Fund are granted to cancer survivors for their college educations. Recipients are selected by a committee based on applicants' personal hardship and financial need. Eligibility: -Must be a cancer survivor or currently diagnosed with cancer, and does not have to be receiving treatment to qualify -Is enrolled in or accepted for enrollment in an [... Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship. To help you pay for college, Cappex provides an easy scholarship every month. Because a GPA isn't everything, there is no GPA requirement and no essay to write! All you have to do is create a Cappex profile and tell us what you do in your free time. Recipients must enroll at an accredited college or university located in the United States. The purpose of the association is to develop the professionalism of the members by furthering their skills and knowledge in the areas of technical surveillance, law enforcement, and forensic activities through the offering of special training, the inter-agency exchange of ideas and experiences, and assistance in the implementation of new techniques and equipment in the law enforcement community. Careers through Culinary Arts Program C-CAP Scholarships. Carl Joseph-Walker Hoover Foundation. Carl was an active member of his Western Massachusetts community and excelled in his academics. Through the Foundation, we're able to award scholarships to high school graduating seniors who have demonstrated efforts to combat [... Carle Auxiliary Health Care Career College Scholarship. Two mandatory requirements: The first is that that student be able to prove that they are in a curriculum that results in health care employment like [... Carlo Dumerlin Scholarship Fund. The Carlo Dumerlin Scholarship is a one-time award per recipient. All contest entries become the property of The Carlo Dumerlin Scholarship Fund. The recipients names will be announced and their picture and essay submission will be posted on The Carlo Dumerlin Scholarship Fund website and social media pages. Eligibility: -Be a U. CarMax-Rich Sharp Entrepreneur Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship fund is to recognize Mr. Sharp's extraordinary contributions to the company and his philanthropic efforts in the Richmond-Metro area by supporting the growth and development of future entrepreneurs of the region. Carol Becker Memorial Scholarship. To be eligible for the Carol Becker Memorial Scholarship, the applicant must be a Botkins High School Botkins, Ohio senior pursuing a two- or four-year degree or a vocational training certificate at an accredited post-secondary community college, university, or vocational school. Carolinas-Virginias Retail Hardware Scholarship. The purpose of the Carolinas-Virginias Retail Hardware Scholarship is to provide undergraduate scholarships to children of employees of member firms of the Carolinas-Virginias Region of the National Retail Hardware Association. Member firms must be located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia or West Virginia. Eligibility: -Children of employees shall be defined to include natural [... This award is given to a Grange individual who is preparing for a career working with the deaf, or a deaf individual who is furthering his or her education beyond high school. The recipient must be a New York State resident. Applications are available from the New York State Grange. Carolyn Wones Recruitment Grant. Carrollton Education Foundation - Carrollton Community Scholarship. It accomplishes this by providing a permanent source of funding for scholarships and educational programs outside of basic school programs. Carrollton community members play [... Carrollton Education Foundation - Morley Foundation Scholarship. Carrollton Education Foundation - Nancy Hirshman Academic Excellence Scholarship. To honor Nancy Hirshman, a teacher who went the extra step to help students, her colleagues established the Nancy Hirshman Academic Excellence Scholarship to support and encourage future college experiences for Carrollton High School graduates. Eligibility: - Carrollton High School senior - Pursuing a vocational, associate, or undergraduate degree - Full-time enrollment - One award to a [... Carrollton Education Foundation - Nancy Wilma Dalton Scholarship. Dalton has been a faithful and dedicated board of trustee member for Carrollton Education Foundation CEF from its inception. Prior to the CEF, Nancy worked with "Carrollton Community Scholarships. Nancy's commitment to Carrollton Education Foundation is [... Carson Scholars Fund, Inc. It is up to a school how to determine its nominee. Case Western Theater Scholarship. Case Western Reserve University has made merit-based scholarships available for prospective theater students. Each year, the department of theater awards four full-tuition scholarships to students who intend on majoring in theater, and two scholarships to students who intend on minoring in theater, or those interested in pursuing theater as an extracurricular activity at CWRU. Casting Your Future - UAW Local Scholarship. The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America UAW is one of the largest and most diverse unions in North America and is committed to improving the lives of working men and women around the globe. Catawba College's McCorkle Scholarships. The McCorkle's Scholarships are the most prestigious scholarship awards at Catawba. Qualified students will be invited to compete for a full-tuition scholarship on the basis of their high school grade point average, the rigor of their coursework and standardized test scores. The Catch a Break! Scholarship Program is intended to enable recipients to graduate debt-free following four years of study. Eligibility: -You have faced challenges in your life and learned from them -You are highly motivated and know why you want a college education -You are a U. Catching The Dream Program. Catching the Dream seeks to address this deficiency. Our high-priority areas of study are math, engineering, science, business, education, and computers. These fields of study are critical to the future of Indian people and the nation, and Native Americans are very underrepresented in these fields. Catching the Dream is a national Native American education and scholarship center. These scholarships are awarded to selected African American, Latino, and Native American students with strong high school records. The Admissions committee selects recipients. There is no special application to complete. Lealtad Scholarships will be renewed at the same amount for each [... Catherine Moloney Nursing Scholarship. To be eligible for the Catherine Moloney Nursing Scholarship, the applicant must be a Shelby County Ohio resident pursuing a registered nursing RN degree. Eligible persons may apply during any year of their education, however, licensed RNs are not eligible for continuing education. Selection based on financial need, academic ability and demonstrated "empathy which is necessary, the [... Catholic Financial Life College Scholarship. Student must have performed a minimum of ten service hours with one or more of the following: A [... Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship. Scholarships are for members of any age seeking to learn a trade, earn a certification or complete a college degree, Catholic United wants to help. Our Post-High School Tuition Scholarship program gives our members tuition assistance for their educational goals. Scholarship awards are one-time benefits, past recipients cannot apply again. While the average scholarship recipient is a recent high [... CBC Spouses Education Scholarship. The CBC Spouses Education Scholarship is for students for all majors who are preparing to pursue or are currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree full-time at a U. CBC Spouses Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship. This award is for full-time students with majors in the performing arts including, but not limited to, drama, music, dance, opera, marching bands, and other musical ensembles. CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship. The CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship is for students with majors in the visual arts including, but not limited to, architecture, ceramics, drawing, fashion, graphic design, illustration, interior design, painting, photography, sketching, video production and other decorative arts. C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships. Imagine the thrill of cooking for a panel of judges for thousands of dollars in scholarships. The challenge: prepare classic French dishes to demonstrate your culinary, safety and sanitation, and presentation skills in a timed competition. The reward: scholarships to attend the best culinary schools and programs in the [... The Athletics Scholarship is available to student-athletes in CCU's College of Undergraduate Studies who are recommended for scholarship consideration by the CCU Athletics Department. Recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress, unless otherwise noted by the Athletics Department. Prospective student athletes should contact their specific coach for further [... Marijuana Use - A Persuasive Argument Essay Statistics also backs up the opinion of the text, for example – because 400 UK organisations are part of the. * Huck Finn Essay Prompts
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One important feature of this type of essay is that it addresses opposing arguments in one of the paragraphs. Background on the Relevance of This I Believe for Middle School Students. 4 .. Today students will read examples of TIB essays to get experience reading. THE 2016 NATIONAL ESSAY CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for your participation and good luck to all! Winners will be announced on March 7. 6 Paragraph Essay Outline Who wouldn't want to go to medical school at UCLA? Top-ranked, exceptional match list, nearby beaches (not that you'll have time to frequent. Essential Rules Of Informative Essay Writing: How To Get A Top Grade. Your job while An informative essay is not an opinion piece. Give It Good Structure. This month's Photojournalism Links collection highlights 10 excellent photo essays from across the world spanning five continents, including.

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This video discusses how to revise and edit an academic essay so the paper looks polished and clean. Be. High School Art Contest Winners (in random oder). First Name, Last Name, Grade, School, Teacher. Gahyun, Park, North Gwinnett High School, Yvette Kim. To the left of YOUR BRIEF ESSAY TITLE, type: Running head: 12. Double click below the blue line to exit the header. Ask your instructor whether an Author Note. * Literature Review Example Dissertation
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